Stage Arts

Available to: Boys and girls from junior infants upwards.

Venue: St. Munchins sports hall

Day: Wednesday

Contact: Pamela 085 1342891




Juniors – First Class

3.10pm – 4pm

Second & Third Class

4.10pm - 5.00pm

Fourth – Sixth Class

4.10pm - 5.00pm


Audition material for all parts below:


Ah, the intoxicating smell of the graveyard. Once a year when the last leaf of autumn falls, we gather to honor the great

cycle life and death. Come, every member of our clan - living, dead- and undecided and let us celebrate what is to be an




When you're an Addams

You need to have a little moonlight

When you're an Addams

You need to feel a little chill

You have to see the world in shades of grey

You have to put some poison in your day

*****If you would like to sing for the part of Wednesday please follow the link at the bottom and sing from 1.50 to 2.14****

Puppy dogs with droopy faces,

Unicorns with dancing mice,

Sunrise in wide open spaces,

DisneyWorld - I'll go there twice!

Butterflies and picnic lunches,

Bunches of chrysanthamums,

Lollipops and pillow fights and christmas eve,

Sugar plums!

String quartets and Chia Pets,

And afternoon banana splits,

Angels watching as I sleep,

And Liberace's Greatest Hits!

Pulled - The Addams family - YouTube